In 2001, Madhu went to Portland, Maine, USA to take part in a four-week Mime workshop by the famous American luminary Tony Montanaro at the Tony Montanaro Mime Theatre. He also underwent rigorous training in Body and Movement at a 45-day workshop in Japan under the supervision of famous Butoh dancer and renowned Body & Movement trainer, Min Tanaka.

Since each muscle and curve of a mime’s body is intended to convey a message, most Artistes of this craft are muscled to perfection. All mime Artistes use different practices to sculpt their body. Madhu’s daily schedule with three hours of gymnastics from five to eight in the morning and two hours of training that follow, testify to the fact that his body control comes at a high cost. With the help of a grueling workout, Madhu inculcates strength, stamina and grace to portray his message on stage. During his training with Tony Montanaro, Madhu learnt about applying techniques of Indian Yoga both off and on stage. At the Creative Body Practice work shop in Japan, Madhu underwent intensive training where he learnt how to increase his stamina and created his own brand of body energy.

It is no wonder that his talent has received recognition from the Department of Culture under the Ministry of HRD, Government of India, who awarded him a National Scholarship and a Junior Fellowship in Mime. He is the first and only person in Telangana to have received such an honor in the field of Mime. His creative talent has been widely appreciated by media and in the world of performing arts. He has presented a number of Mime workshops in different parts of A.P. and in other parts of India. He even conducted a workshop in collaboration with National School of Drama, New Delhi.

Madhu has conceived and acted in numerous corporate films and advertisements, worked with the government and various non-profit organizations to create social awareness and has presented enchanting shows on stage.