Madhu has established the Indian Mime Academy in Andhra Pradesh in 2002 to develop Indian Mime by conducting seminars and workshops that encourage progress and innovation in Mime by popularizing it among the youth and theatre personalities. One of the major goals of this Academy is to workshop with children not only to showcase their limitless talent, but also to develop self confidence and self awareness using Mime as a conduit.

Madhu’s training at the Indian Mime Theatre, Kolkata inspired him to start a similar institute in South India that would provide scientific training in mime and contribute to India’s cultural activities. Offering a well-honed curriculum for theatre persons, actors, dancers, mime Artistes and anyone else interested in a means of self-expression, the Academy is a place of organic teaching, hands-on learning and creative inspiration.

Anyone from corporates to children, dancers to actors are welcome at Madhu’s Indian Mime Academy , which holds workshops that build confidence, encourage communication, teach body movements, mold facial expressions and contribute to overall growth of any individual. Madhu holds performances for the commercial sphere as well as the public sphere to create social awareness. For information on either field, please feel free to call or email him.