Today, Madhu organizes workshops for children, adults, corporate professionals, dancers & theatre professionals, children with learning disabilities, schools, colleges, corporate firms, government-backed programs, theatre academies and more.

Here are a few samples of his workshops in India: A Mime workshop conducted with the NSD-RRC, Bangaluru and Ras Ranjini in association with the Andhra Pradesh government.

A Mime workshop with rural children in association with the Rural Development Trust in Anantpur, Every year, Madhu organizes at least one workshop with the RDT.

Mime Classes and workshops in every Hyderabad school through the NIE Program of The Times of India newspaper.

Cultural Programs through Mime to create health awareness in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh.

Designed courses for teachers to encourage children using mime and acting, in association with the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT).

Overseas Madhu has also conducted numerous workshops abroad including those in Arkansas State University and Bethswill Community College.

A creative workshop conducted by Madhu includes the following:
» Basics of mime
» Scientific and technical training about Body Movement and Body Balance
» Create body awareness among each individual through physical training to develop precise movement to    develop illusions
» New mime sketches and improvisation techniques
» Knowledge about stage lighting, set designing, set properties & techniques, costumes and other theatrical    norms.
» Performance: Individual and group shows at the culmination of training.
» Better and Effective Communication: Learning to know your own gestures and to read other people’s    gestures for effective communication. This can    especially benefit students during interviews and    competitions and corporate during business meetings where a balance between aggression and amity is    required.

» Personality development: Correcting habitual bodily movements or appearance by controlling involuntary    gestures and bad postures. This will especially    benefit those who want to learn to present themselves and    their personality effectively. Since the body expresses our moods and our environment, the    workshop will    create an alternate environment where people will be free to learn to improve their body postures through the    medium of Mime and gain    energy in the process.